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Email marketing service become one means a powerful marketing for business individual business or the business of both companies. By utilising email marketing certainly broadened the scope of the means of promotion as well as targeting consumers all over the world. Email marketing service have rapid growth over up requests by businesses to increase sales of the goods or services they offer. For your profession as a business man need to understand certain types of email marketing that is generally used. Each type and type of email marketing has the advantages and disadvantages of each. Here we describe the types of email marketing service in General.

1. Newsletter. The newsletter service is a type of email marketing where you can customize the promos, discounts, and the latest services that you can provide to the prospective consumer. With this Newsletter we can also make a survey/polls sent through her Newsletter to potential consumers.

2. The Digest Email. The second term in the email marketing services namely Digest Email. Digest Email is a method of email marketing that emphasizes targeting consumers who are absolutely right. Digest email gives facilities for us to determine the period of time that email is used. For example if we are going to make a promo of a certain period up toa certain period, if we are going to make it a contest with regular periods we can automatically send a message to the participants of the contest by utilizing email marketing services email digest.

3. Follow up Email. The third type of email marketing is the follow up email service. This type of services used to provide a response to the email provided by the customer. Email Follow up is very important is used as one means to make loyal customers into buyers and subscriptions for services or products that we offer. The use of email follow up is very important to build an image of the product to be well known and has a good reputation in the eyes of the customers. If you already have a good reputation and the number of customers that much, don't forget to perform segmentation, because if not then your customers may be disappointed and leave you.

4. Email Sponsorship. The next type of email marketing you can try is the email sponsorship. Sponsorship email is email that is usually used to start businesses reach out to a wider market. In this case it means you must be prepared with potential new customers in a community environment that is possible at all you don't yet know.

To use email sponsorship, businesses must pay so that your email can be entered into a copy of the newsletter to other vendors. You have the option or the option to follow the vendors where you think potential new customers and herding also affectyour business in the future. With this email businessman could focus more on the determination of specific market segments to reach.

Email Marketing Service to get targeted costumer5. Transactional Email .Types of email marketing the latter is transactional email. As the name suggests, this type of email marketing is a service that automatically sent to consumers after the occurrence of a purchase transaction and payment. Transactional emails typically contain transaction details and the payment has been done. The use of transactional email is crucial to support and guarantee the professionalism of a company, so consumers won't feel hesitate to back a transaction on the service that you offer.

So posting this time, to support business process needs and we have no doubt we have to choose the appropriate email marketing services to reach out to global markets and improving the marketing of products that we offer. So posting this time, may be useful.
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