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The progress of a company supported by many things, Including the system used by the company. A system is a description of the event or the business processes that occur in a company. The better the system that runs the better they will impact Also by the company. Development of systems in the enterprise is very important function. The system is commonly used in the example is the company's payroll system, the system of corporate income, as well as corporate performance measurement system within a specific time period.

Construction of the system by utilizing cloud services today can provide immediate benefits to the progress of a company. Cloud computing system has removed limits - limits of distance and time in connecting a branch company of the company though a separate center within a great distance. Cloud computing system to facilitate the process and system of the data transmission is very easy as long as there is an internet network to access the system owned by the company.

Network cloud computing technically have the same functions and the role of the computer network system to the scope and function broader. The benefits of cloud computing systems for companies have managerial functions directly and indirectly. Directly cloud system can facilitate the manager of the company in data processing. Data processing within the company as an example usually in the recruitment of employees company-based online systems, employee payroll, enterprise data storage device make it more secure, facilitate communications between the manager of the company with the director of the company, and others.
Indirect benefits of the manufacturing system in the enterprise cloud. Outsiders who are not directly related to the company's business process management company will assess both neat and efficient so as to foster effective company image in the community. Both immediate benefits and it indirectly from the manufacture of the company's cloud system can explicitly encourage the development of the company into a better direction so that the manufacture of the company's cloud system - large companies has Become a necessity that can Determine the Reciprocation of the company.
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